Oh y’all. 96 Days Til Halloween.

I’m making plans for Halloween this year. I’m building tombstones, and dreaming of creepy graveyard fences. Fog machines. Crepe- thin swirling figures all over. Jack-o-lanterns and ghosts and ghouls, oh MY!

Halloween is one of the best holidays. You can dress up as crazy as you want, there’s FREE CANDY!, and for the most part, everyone does a little something.

This year feels like it’s gonna be weirdly different, but I’m gonna do it up for my kids and the neighborhood kids as best we can. I mean, we can’t send kids safely to school, but we CAN socially distance enough to trick or treat! And I plan on putting treat bags on a table for kids to grab one, and maybe hiding behind a gravestone and scaring the pants off a few older kids. I mean, come on. We all know that’s the best part of Halloween. And this year I have ring cameras!

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