Oh, y’all.

I finally hit a wall. I’ve been “Big F” free for five days now. It’s amazing what even a tiny bit of distance will do for you!

I spent the last couple of months anguishing over many, many things. I sat scrolling, on a platform meant purely to monetize my brain, and scrolled. And scrolled. And in the end, I have nothing to show for it except a few craftily worded posts that I was able to download, and some pictures. And thousands, upon THOUSANDS of memes.

I had to get a fresh, clean break. I started ending up in “Social Media Jail” for my posts. And the next to last ban was the final straw. I got banned for “hate speech”. On a satirical news aggregation site’s Social Media Page, they posted an article about how Cuba has had no new covid diagnoses in 19 straight days. I said “until they start letting all these dirty Americans back in.” Because we are in the midst of a pandemic where everyone thinks it’s their Constitutional Right™️ not to wear a mask to protect others. But yup, that is “hate speech”, not white supremacists actively calling for people to maliciously harm/kill people.

I’m not here with a ploy to be a social media martyr. Because that is the last I will write about the incident. Just explaining where this all came from. And if you read it, I appreciate it. I doubt if I’ll have “constant readers”, but I do hope that eventually this will be a memoir of sorts that will entertain or make you think. I don’t have the patience or talent to write a book, so this is as close as I will ever come. So what I’m trying to say is, oh y’all. My life has so many stories and thoughts, and I need one place that is all mine. And here it is.

I don’t have a particular set scale for what I’ll be writing, and most things will be published a day or two or five after being written. So if you’re looking for timely “current events” stuff, I may post links for that. And heavens to Betsy, if I post a recipe, it will be just that. No delicately worded “ten scrolls to get to the ingredients” post. I am definitely not a Lifestyle Guru, whatever the hell that is. My life style is “live this life, it’s all you have”.

Some things will be off the cuff. Some things will be lengthy. And some things will be filled with links to information that I find important. You don’t have to agree with everything I post here. And that’s ok.

“Oh, Y’all” comes from two things: my love of a good tale to tell, and being a Southern woman. I have long started a good post with “oh, y’all”, and to me it’s the start of something fun. I’ve lived in other places, but this glint-covered dot on the buckle of the Bible Belt is where I currently roam. And while I say and do some decidedly “un-Southern” things, you can’t take the “y’all” out of this girl. (Also, it abbreviates nicely to “OY”, which is a nod to my friends I’ve grown up alongside my entire life.)

I hope you stick around. And I hope you enjoy why I have to say. And remember: in the words of many kinder people than me, y’all means ALL. So if you choose to comment here, I ask that you choose your words wisely and avoid personal attacks. I expect respect for everyone that deserves it.

Welcome. Grab a glass of iced tea. (Or beer, or whiskey, if you prefer.) Let’s see where this all ends up, like a late night conversation in lawn chairs after a party, staring at the stars.

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