Some days it’s worth it to watch people squirm.

I hate to break it to you:

No one is tracking you for the government. Unless you post pro-BLM stuff. Lord knows they don’t bother tracking racists.

No one is going to chip you. First of all, the needle for a vaccine is tiny, and the needle for a “chip” of any sort is going to be huge. Like the size they drain fluid with. If you’ve ever had a knee drained, you know those needles are monsters.

Also, no one needs to chip you to figure out where you are or what you are doing. You’ve been busy posting geo-tagged selfies on social media via a cell phone, telling people how pissed off you are about them requiring masks at the Costco you checked in at, or ‘gramming your meal at the only restaurant with dine-in seating, where you probably will tip the waitstaff 18% since “times are tight due to covid”.