Oh y’all. The HUMIDITY.

It always amuses me to see people come here and experience humidity for what must be the first time in their lives. Do we have the market locked when it comes to pre-existing air moisture? Clearly we are overly abundant, but is it really that dry in other places?

Then, should a storm come, it’s humidity for what seems like MONTHS afterward. Hell, we had a tropical wet fart on Monday night (that evolved into a bigger storm, sure), and of you walk outside right now it feels like you’ve waded into a puddle of warm dog drool. Slightly disturbing even to the locals, but gross and ghastly all the same to the visitors. (PS- go home, y’all. Stop vacationing here so we can eventually reopen correctly and safely!)

But it is amusing to me to see the things that people will come up with to solve the problem of low humidity. For example, this handy tool, which plugs into your car’s adaptor, I’m sure.

Car -Humidifier

And I, like others in my family, have always been cursed with out of control hair. Walking outside on days like today is akin to putting my finger in a socket. It isn’t even cool enough to be some semblance of an Afro-like style, it has the Caucasity to he half-floppy, 1/4 bushy as hell, and 1/4 standing straight out.

This has to be a not-so-distant relative.

I am actually grateful in this phase of my life to have a “go-to” hairstyle for work, because at least I don’t have to figure out how to repair the ridiculousness that is my hair. There is definitely something to be said for a flippy bun on the back of one’s head that keeps hair out of the face and off the neck.

All this talk of heat and humidity makes me want to go to the mountains soon. I feel another long Family Campout coming soon.